1993 Tonsan Adhesive, Inc. was incorporated, and started R&D, manufacturing and sale of TONSAN industrial putties.
1994 TONSAN fully extended its business to electric power, metallurgy, chemical and vessel maintenance sectors. As the most advanced cold-weld repair materials, TONSAN industrial putties helped customers crack many problems in equipment repair, and largely lowered the huge potential loss that might be caused by equipment shutdown.
1996 Established marketing networks in key industrial cities of China.
1997 Launched anaerobic adhesive and silicone sealant products, and extended its business to automobile, engineering machinery and other industrial manufacturing and assembly sectors.
1999 TONSAN became the No. 1 brand in domestic industrial putty industry;
Chaired the preparation of technical norms and standards for multiple national engineering adhesive products.
2000 The R&D base of TONSAN Adhesive, Inc. laid foundation.
2001 Became the first domestic adhesive enterprise that has business extended to photovoltaic industry.
2004 Launched polyurethane/UV/electronic adhesives and began to enter such new sectors as railway traffic, electronic appliances, aerospace, etc.
2005 Through 16949 management system certification, the Company’s operation and management system entered a new stage.
2008 Set up the Company’s development strategy, following the way of professionalization and “being the big fish in a small pond”, and grew into a global leader in engineering adhesive industry.
2009 Established TONSAN (Suzhou) Adhesive Co., Ltd. and HYSTIC (a joint venture).
Chaired the preparation of national standards for PV module sealing – Ground PV Module Sealing Materials – Silicone Sealant.
2010 TONSAN Adhesive, Inc.. was established to implement backbone employee stock ownership system.
2012 TONSAN products include all engineering adhesives such as silicone sealant, anaerobic adhesive, UV adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, epoxy adhesive, etc, widely applied to such sectors as new energy, automobile, engineering machinery, electronic appliances, railway transport, aerospace, etc.
To become one of the most competent domestic engineering adhesive enterprises, and go global!