Master Class of Manufacturing Research Institute of Cambridge University visited TONSAN


  •     During June 24 – July 6, the Master Class of Manufacturing Research Institute of Cambridge University conducted 2-week inspection and study on China’s manufacturing industry, for the purpose of achieving a comprehensive image of the increasingly globalized manufacturing industry, especially the emerging global manufacturing center – China, before they start their careers.
  •    The Mater Class specialized in “industrial system, manufacturing and management” is oriented at industry. The tour of study on China’s manufacturing industry gave them a better opportunity to broaden their vision, learn different cultures and different manufacturing management concepts, and meanwhile, experience the characteristics of Chinese manufacturing industry and the challenges during transformation and upgrade.
  •     On the afternoon of Jun 26, Aasim Hussain and other experts led an inspection at TONSAN, and Mr. Gu Changyou of International Market Department received them. In the beginning, Mr. Gu gave a brief introduction to TONSAN, ranging from the product line to the sectors involving various TONSAN products, from the sales value to the annual compound growth rate of TONSAN, from the proportions of salves value of different trades to the distribution of sales networks at home and abroad, and as well as the pyramid model of TONSAN’s strategic positioning and four development strategies, etc, and offered a comprehensive presentation of the missions, values and customer visions to the scholars from Cambridge University.
  •     Subsequently, the students from Cambridge University visited the R&D lab, testing lab, process lab, QC lab and production shops of TONSAN, and became aware of the technical innovation strategy of combination of TONSAN’s independent R&D and the complete production process. During the visit, the scholars exchanged ideas on the overall R&D system, production process control and quality control.
  •     The last hour was for free exchanges, during which the scholars of Cambridge University were very enthusiastic. In only half a day, we again presented TONSAN to the outside world, and exhibited the strength of TONSAN Company and TONSAN people to the elite team from the advanced country.