The Trip of European Together with 2012 Excellent Distributors




  •       Europe, the dream palace for many people where has the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame de Paris, Versailles Palace, Triumphal Arch, Louvre Museum as well as romantic seine river and the unforgettable French seafood dinner. The famous waterside town Venice, Rome which is called the eternal city, every city has its own cultural features and deposits. Diverse cultures, arts, sceneries and the local food, the special feeling of European towns, all of these deeply attract me. With the curiousness of Europe and excited mood, I began my trip to Europe together with excellent distributors.
  •      The first stop is Paris, France. I cannot say any words when the flight landed.

  •      From the spectacular of Eiffel Tower, the solemn of Notre Dame de Paris, the serene of Seine River as well as the magnificent of Versailles Palace, I am shocked by the European history.
  •                                                               In front of Triumphal Arch
  •                                              Together with foreigh children on Seine Rive
  •                                                         Statue of Liberty at Seine River 

  •                                                      Ground photo in Versailles Palace
  •        After enjoying the beautiful scenery in France, we come to Switzerland.
  •                                                               Group photo in Alps     

  •                                   The piazza of S. Mark (also called central square of Venice)
  •                                                                        Gondola
  •        After Venice, it is Rome which is called Eternal City.

  •                                                                  Rome Colosseum  
  •       The new journey is waiting us. Tonsan will work together with all respected distributors to create more glorious future.